Medical Physics Consulting Firm
Restaurant Holding Company
Fulfillment Warehouse Client Processing
International Bank/Alternative Investment/Hedge Fund Group
International Insurance Broking Firm
Additional Consulting Projects

Microsoft Office-Based Projects

Medical Physics Consulting Firm -- Combined extensive features of Access, Excel, Word and SQL Server into a single seamless system featuring:

  • Centralization of clients, demographics, and contacts into a single SQL Server database front-ended by MS Access
  • Creation of complex Excel templates used for equipment measurement, calibration and certification, all of which are automatically opened from the database and populated with client, facility, and equipment information; all are capable of importing relevant information from earlier reports on the same equipment
  • Processes to sweep pass/fails and comments from each spreadsheet into an automatically generated cover-letter in Word
  • Features to build complete packages out of individual spreadsheets and cover letters, generating a master cover letter for the entire package
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook for mailing the packages to clients
  • Organization and tracking of all spreadsheets and documents with custom search facilities for finding individual work by client, equipment type, dates, completion status, etc.

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Restaurant Holding Company – Using Visual Basic, SQL Server and Excel, created a system that collects daily sales and guest counts for each of 50 restaurants and creates multi-tabbed spreadsheet with detailed day-over-day, week-over-week, and year-over-year comparisons for sales and guests; front page summaries for all data; extra tab showing when and how often a particular restaurant achieved its highest sales; all elegantly formatted from scratch using VB; integration with Outlook to mail final product to various distribution lists. Other projects included tracking payroll changes for all the restaurants and providing automated feeds between non-homogeneous off-the-shelf systems.

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Fulfillment Warehouse Client Processing – Using an Access database “template” system, created individualized Access systems, most using SQL Server as a back end processor, for each client of the fulfillment warehouse. The individualized systems handle unique requirements of each client that include:

  • receiving and loading orders in a wide variety of formats
  • handling inventory
  • tracking and handling backorders
  • interfacing with shipping firms (USPS, UPS, Fedex, etc.
  • performing special calculations for utilizing special mail programs (Priority, First Class, FastTrack, Flats)
  • creating labels and packing slips (including art work, logo, variable text messages on packing slips, promotions, etc.)
  • processing returns

Firm benefits from the individualized systems by minimizing clerical training on how to use each system, which contains only the features relevant to a particular client.

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International Bank/Alternative Investment/Hedge Fund Group

  • Business processes involved receiving spreadsheets from a myriad of fund administrators, combining them with reports generated from in-house systems, cutting and pasting large amounts of data into new spreadsheets to perform commission and other calculations, and re-formatting the spreadsheets for input into in-house financial systems. The entire process was automated from hours down to minutes for 12 different funds.
  • Highly complex and inter-linked analytical spreadsheets, which track performance and predictions for hundreds of funds are re-calculated for each of the funds converted to PDF format for viewing in an Outlook integrated contact system. There are dozens of sheets, each handling 40-60 funds, that need to create hundreds of PDF’s. Once again, the entire process was automated in Excel in conjunction with Adobe Acrobat/Distiller, compressing over a day a month of fund analysts time down to minutes.
  • Huge time-saving from these and a variety of similar efforts resulted in repeat invitations to return for additional projects.

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International Insurance Broking Firm – Using Oracle, Access, Excel, and PowerPoint, created a process to present profitability analysis information, transforming data warehouse dumps into senior management presentations, reducing the time to create senior management presentations from weeks to minutes.

Also integrated automated features of PowerPoint and Excel to create a sophisticated Client Executive Value Pricing Tool for use by senior client executives in evaluating strategies for expanding services to clients. Tool presents a forms-based presentation-quality walk-through of the evaluation strategy.

International Insurance Standards Organization - Using Access, created a data base of industry and client data for performing complex rate, assessment, and adjustment calculations with an easy-to-use user interface.

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Other Consulting Projects

International Insurance Broking Firm – Did substantial work on global data warehouse, providing automated procedures for data transformations on source data from European and South American countries. Provided both the programs (VB, ACCESS, Oracle, Essbase) and extensive procedural documentation on the entire quarterly process. Earlier projects included work on developing global solutions for world-wide office automation.

Advisor to Senior Management for IS Strategic Planning – Worked with a diverse client base of medium-sized firms that had outgrown limited IS facilities and required serious automation planning to keep their businesses ahead of highly competitive markets; clients required holistic approaches from desktop to servers to minis to tie together basic business processes with the information needs of management, user departments, suppliers, and clients.

Clients include two advertising media firms, a medium-sized village government on Long Island, several manufacturing firms, a brokerage clearance firm, and a real estate development corporation.

Senior Advisor to a Bond Market Trade Association - Played a primary role in efforts to deliver worldwide, real-time price dissemination (ticker) for the Government Securities Market (GOVPX). From request-for-proposal through development to final test, served as the association’s technical advisor to the GOVPX owners, coordinating between the facility manager, the broker sources and the information vendors who delivered the product to market. Other projects included implementation of several online PSA information products for Mortgage-Backed Securities and strategic planning for internal technology growth.

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Financial Services Firm - Conceived and implemented a complete corporate office automation system integrating document preparation, customer databases, research analysis, presentation graphics, meeting and conference planning, mailings, and desktop publishing.

Regional Telephone Operating Company - Planned and developed corporate information systems extracting large volumes of mainframe billing data into PC databases for market and product analysis. Extensive and flexible year-over-year reports and graphs made available in seconds by account, region, jurisdiction, product groups, organizational divisions, and other criteria, using precursors to today’s OLAP technologies.

Earlier mainframe-based software development efforts have covered the gamut from decision support and large-scale budget analysis systems, to mission planning and tracking systems for satellite vehicles, to bill of materials/inventory processing, to real-time transaction-processing systems for the brokerage/banking community.

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